FRNTIER Memo: Scape Technologies

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Scape Technologies is a computer vision startup building the “AR cloud”. Scape is a seed-stage company backed by LocalGlobe and Entrepreneur First, founded in 2016 and based in London. 


In simple terms, Scape is creating a 3D digital replica of the physical world created by their cloud-based ‘vision engine’.

Bold and 10x better: Scape’s first product is an SDK for mobile devices that allows AR content to be anchored to specific geographic locations, outside and at an unprecedented scale. Unlike satellite-based GPS, Scape’s Visual Positioning System allows any camera device to be located with centimetre-level accuracy

Scape is aiming to release an API that will allow any device to determine its location, given an image as an input, regardless of what use-case or platform you are targeting. That is, the VPS is not limited to AR applications.

Fundamentally new, not derivative: Rather than rely on 3D maps built and stored locally, Scape's visual engine builds and references 3D maps on the cloud, allowing devices to tap into a ‘shared understanding’ of an environment (Source).

Note: You can download Pixscape from the Play Store and App Store to see the VPS in action (App Store; Android)


Size: Scape’s Visual Positioning Service could be omni-applicable including large-scale AR (e.g. architecture and games) and replacing LiDAR (Source). Note: Apple plans to release AR glasses in 2023 (Source)

Monopoly: Scape is developing and testing the VPS in London with AR and mobility companies (market-related). Unlike other SDKs for AR, ScapeKit is the only solution that provides outdoor location recognition at a city-scale (tech-related; source).

Timing/secret:Spatial computing as the next phase of computing.


Founding team: Edward Miller, co-founder and CEO: ~8 years experience in field of XR; Huub Heijnen, co-founder and CTO: deep experience in robotics

Other members: Grace Gimson, Chief of Staff: ex-Head of Market Launch Operations, Deliveroo; Geoffrey Pascoe, Mapping & Localization Lead: ex-Facebook

The Scape team is far larger than 4 members. For more context on the team, check the Scape LinkedIn and Medium.

Risk factors/questions

Business model: Unable to determine the current revenue/pricing model.

Technology: Scape’s VPS is currently optimised for outdoor situations.

This is not an actual investment memo. The content contained herein is the result of internet-based research and is strictly for informational and illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon as advice- investment, business or otherwise. The fact that I wrote a pseudo-memo on this company does not necessarily mean that I would invest in the company if I was in a position to.

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